Sankyo chemical Co., Ltd. is the general maker of industrial organic chemicals, solvents, thinners, and various semi materials of paints and varnishes, inks and adhesive agents and so on.

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 I and my company (the following: we) have been doing aggressive actions following our company principles that we produce truly valuable environments of our lives and that we contribute happiness of human societies under the presupposition of keeping harmony between social activities of human beings and protection of environments of the earth, and have decided the basic policies, as follows:

  We contribute both happiness of human beings and developments of societies by creating more surpassing and safer products those obtain confidence and satisfaction of customers.

  • To develop products on the side of customers
  • To improve our technologies, control thoroughly quality of products, and continue manufacturing
  • To practice activities to customers in order to use our products correctly and safely
  • To consider influences to environment and safety of all steps of processes from the finish of product life to the dispose of it



  As SANKYO Chemicals Co. Ltd., is a company that mainly produces and/or reproduces industrial organic chemicals, we get many cases concerning environmental problems, and all employee recognize influences to environments and contribute to maintain environments of the earth.

  • We surely catch influences to environments by activities of our company and endeavor to prevent environment pollution by continuous improvement of our environmental management system.
  • We comply both laws that concern environments and other demands our company agreed.
  • We do our best to develop such products as decreasing loads of environment, and contribute to decrease of environmental pollutions by means of sales and sale promotion of such products.
  • We eagerly do decreasing resources, decreasing power, green purchase, more effective use of energy, degreasing disposes and recycling activity.
  • I let all employee thoroughly the contents of POLICIES of ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION, and aim to their increase of awareness on environment protection.

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