Sankyo chemical Co., Ltd. is the general maker of industrial organic chemicals, solvents, thinners, and various semi materials of paints and varnishes, inks and adhesive agents and so on.

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Environment compatible Powerful remover


Washing Urethane foaming nozzle, production line.
Separating Epoxy-based paint, adhesive, hot melt adhesive.
Stripping paint adhered to painting hanger, jig, cup gun etc.
Removing and washing Acrylic, urethane based paste.
Removing varnish.

  ≫Can be used as substitute for following organic solvents
   ・Dichloromethane(Methyl chloride)
   ・Strong alkali detergent
   ・Chlorine-based remover


Friendly to work environment

   ☆No Chloride system(No Methylene chloride)
   ☆Not applicant to Ordinance on the Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning
   ☆Do not contain any organic solvent specified in Industrial Safety and Health Law
   ☆Low odor
   ☆Do not contain Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) defined in REACH  ※Depending on the grade

Strong dissolving power

   ☆Stronger dissolution and peeling force than conventional chlorinated solvent
   ☆Washing and peeling of 2 liquid-mixing and curing type paint and adhesive such as epoxy
   ☆Dissolution of various thermosetting resin(Epoxy・Urethan・Phenol・Acrylic etc.)

   ▲Dissolution comparative example of Epoxy paint(Zolcus EP-110)
     We immersed a metal piece painted with Epoxy paint in Zolcus.
     Methylene chloride could not dissolve the paint in an hour but Zolcus dissolved that you can see the ground material.

   ▼Dissolution example of 2 liquid-mixing and curing type Epoxy paint(Zolcus EP-199)
     We applied Zolcus to a metal piece painted by Epoxy paint.
     Thickening type Zolcus EP-199 was brushed and wiped by paper after 30 minutes.

Core grades

For Epoxy resin For Urethan resin
 EP-110 EP-199 EP-200 UT-511 UT-555
Fire services act
(Flash point)
Class 3 petroleums
Soluble in water
Class 3 petroleums
Soluble in water
Non-dangerous goods
Class 1 petroleums
Soluble in water
Class 2 petroleums
Soluble in water
Detergency Epoxy Very High High High Have High
 Urethan High Slightly High Have High Very High
Drying property
(range of boiling point)
Very slow
Very slow
Very slow
Very slow
odor Low odor Low odor Low odor Have an odor Low odor
Property Large effect by heating Thickening type Semi-aqueous
Large effect by heating
Large effect with Ultrasonic Cleaning machine
Quick dry type
For nozzle washing
Large effect by heating

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