Sankyo chemical Co., Ltd. is the general maker of industrial organic chemicals, solvents, thinners, and various semi materials of paints and varnishes, inks and adhesive agents and so on.

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washing agent of nozzles for urethane bubbling or processing line
spalling agent for epoxy like paints, adhesives and hot melt bonding
removing agent for paint film detached to hangers for painting, jigs, cup guns etc.
spalling and washing agent of adhesives made from acryl base and urethane base

β you can use zolcus as alternative of organic solvents as below

dichloromethane (methylene chloride)
trichloroethylene (trichlene)
strong alkali
spalling agent containing chlorine
n-methyl-2-pyrorridone (NMP)


Gentle to environment of working places

™ free from chlorine containing chemicals (non containing methylene chloride)
™ out of JP GHS
™ non containing organic solvents designated by industrial safety and health law
™ with properties of low odor
™ non containing SVHC (substance of very high concern) designated by Europe REACH regulation
¦according to grades

Excellent dissolving properties

™ dissolving and spalling properties excessing conventional chlorine containing solvents
™ washing and spalling properties for 2 liquids hardening paints and adhesives
™ dissolving property for kinds of thermal hardening resin (epoxy, urethane, phenol, acryl etc.)

£ comparison of methylene chloride and Zolcus (Zolcus EP-110) in a test to dissolve epoxy paint
a piece of metal painted epoxy paint was soaked to each solvent individually.
methylene chloride could not dissolve paint after one hour.
metal surface in Zolcus appeared clearly.

₯ dissolving of 2 liquids hardening epoxy paint (Zolcus EP-199)
Zolcus was dipped to a piece of metal painted epoxy paint.
Zolcus was dipped by means of paint brush. After 30 min. it was wiped with paper.

Representative ZOLCUS

for epoxy resin for urethane resin
EP-110 EP-199 EP-200 UT-511 UT-555
JP GHS CLASSFICATION class III petroleum class III petroleum non hazardous Class I petroleum Class II petroleum
(firing point) 76Ž 76Ž over100Ž -2Ž 60Ž
washing effect epoxy very excellent excellent excellent good excellent
urethane excellent pretty excellent good excellent very excellent
drying property very late very late very late rapid very late
(range of b.p.) (170-200Ž) (170-220Ž) (100-220Ž) (85-90Ž) (170-220Ž)
odor little odorous little odorous little odorous odorous little odorous
other properties when heated, increasing effect viscous type a little water soluble when heated, increasing effect increasing effect by using ultrasonic rapid drying type use to wash nozzle when heated, increasing effect


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